Local measurement of H0

Synopsis:Prototype class for local Hubble parameter measurements
Author:Jesus Torrado

This is a simple gaussian likelihood for the latest local \(H_0\) measurements using a combination of different data.

It defines the following likelihoods

  • H0.riess2018a: A legacy local measurement of \(H_0\), used in the analysis of Planck data for the Planck 2018 release. (arXiv:1801.01120)
  • H0.riess2018b: Updated local measurement of \(H_0\). (arXiv:1804.10655)
  • H0.riess201903: Riess et al. 2019 constraint (arXiv:1903.07603)

Using a different measurement

If you would like to use different values for the \(H_0\) constraint, as a mean and a standard deviation, simply add the following likelihood, substituting mu_H0 and sigma_H0 for the respective values:

    external: 'lambda _self: -0.5 * (_self.provider.get_param("H0") - mu_H0)**2 / (sigma_H0)**2'
    requires: ["H0"]