one likelihood

Likelihoods that evaluates to 1. Useful to explore priors and to compute prior volumes – see Computing Bayes ratios.


Simply copy this block in your input yaml file and modify whatever options you want (you can delete the rest).

# Constant (unit) likelihood

    # 1. artificial delay in lik computation  
    delay: 0  # seconds
    # Noise (to aide computation of flat prior volume)
    noise:  # set to a small number, necessarily smaller than 1/volume

one likelihood class

Synopsis:Unit likelihood: always outputs \(0 = \log(1)\).
Author:Jesus Torrado
class, modules=None, timing=None)

Likelihood that evaluates to 1.


Initializes the specifics of this likelihood. Note that at this point we know the `self.input_params` and the self.output_params.