External likelihoods

This page lists external Python modules that can be used with Cobaya. For how to write your own package see Creating your own cosmological likelihood class.

After installing an external package, when running Cobaya reference your likelihood in the form [package or module name].ClassName. For example, if your ExternalLike class is in a module called newlike your input .yaml would be

     python_path: /path/to/newlike
     # .. any parameters you want to override

The python_path is not needed if the package has been pip installed. External packages can also automatically be pip installed from an input yaml using cobaya-install, e.g.

         github_repository: carronj/planck_PR4_lensing
         min_version: 1.0.2

List of external packages

If you have a new likelihood and would like to add it to this list, please edit likelihood_external.rst and make a pull request.